Exhibition Outline

Faculty of Arts and Design of University of Tsukuba is holding “FINE ART / UNIVERSITY SELECTION 2014-2015” for young artists’ exchange and development under the project of “Creation of new fields of performance for young fine artists: Building ‘Fine Art Universiade’ infrastructure” financed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as adopted in “2014 Young Artist Development Project for Creation of Next-Generation Culture.”
This exhibition collects artworks produced by 86 young fine artists from home and abroad in categories of painting (oil, Japanese and others), print arts, sculpture and calligraphy.

Following the first exhibition held in last March, we herein announce with pleasure that the second “FINE ART / UNIVERSITY SELECTION” will be held in an increased scale with the participation of more universities and artists.
As with the last time, we asked domestic and overseas partner universities participating in the project to nominate exhibiting artists.

The new network based on inter-university exchange domestically and overseas will serve to properly evaluate young fine artists and their artworks and to widely disseminate information.
We contribute to developing artists leading the culture in the future generation through the global and borderless exchange among artists across the existing framework such as nations and/or universities.